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Buff Baby Rattle

Buff Baby Rattle



Overdone it on the rusks? Not to worry. Shed some pounds and work off those junior bingo wings with the Baby Buff Rattle.

Oh alright, so it’s not Olympic standard (in fact it’s not actually heavy at all). But with its vintage dumbbell styling it certainly looks the part. The comfy grip and noisy grains inside make for an irresistible toy for your baby. Not to mention a thoroughly entertaining spectacle as they pump it up and down. This dumbbell rattle has neither phthalates nor BPA, and is safe for babies that are 3 months and older.


  • Lightweight novelty baby’s rattle.
  • Gentle rattle sound.
  • Natural hand-grips.
  • Safe for your baby: no phthalates or BPA.
  • Measures approximately 14cm(W) x 5.1cm(D).
  • Weight approximately: 120g.