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Nutty Putty 8 Colour Set

Nutty Putty 8 Colour Set



Get creative with the Nutty Putty Set! Non-toxic, non-crumbling and totally fun to use, kids can make anything from their imaginations, set it in the oven and keep it forever!

Create handmade toys completely mess-free! Promoting creativity, concentration and motor skills, this hygienic non-toxic putty is a colourfully-fun collection of putty that’s non-drying and perfect for getting those creative juices flowing! No need to worry about marks or stains - this putty will keep your surfaces clean and the kids entertained! What’s more, this kit contains a bundle of amazing accessories to help your little ones make their toys!

Keep your creations forever by popping them into the oven for just 10 minutes! The PVC-free putty will set permanently with a glossy, rubber finish that's completely waterproof.


  • Includes Eight Nutty Putty, Including an Glow-in-the-Dark Putty and Transparent Violet!
  • Contains SixShape Cutters, Rolling Pin and a Playmat.
  • Includes Baking Sheet and Instructions.
  • Sets in 10 minutes!