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Whisky Rocker Glasses

Whisky Rocker Glasses



Traditionally used on ships to counteract the rocking motion of the sea, the Whisky Rocker Glasses are enough to make you feel seasick! They feature a unique rounded base, which makes your drink rock and roll so you'd better be careful not to spill a drop!

These clear and stemless whisky glasses rock - literally! Watch your tipple swirl back and forth inside your rocker of choice as you breathe in the aroma. Watch your tipple sway from side to side in these cleverly engineered glasses, and make sure you don't do the same. 


  • Rounded bottom for unique rocking motion.
  • Ideal for hard-warming whiskey, as well as cognac or brandy.
  • Come beautifully gift-boxed.
  • 2 glasses per pack.
  • Volume - 320ml.
  • Glass Dimensions - 8x6.5x6.5cm.
  • Glass Material - Pressed Soda Glass.
  • Each set contains two rockers.
  • Dishwasher safe.