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Liquiproof Fabric Protector - 250ml

Liquiproof Fabric Protector - 250ml



As seen on Dragon's Den!

Liquiproof Fabric Protector utilises the revolutionary features of nanotechnology to produce an invisible water-resistant and oil-repellent formula.

By bonding SiO2 particles to the individual fibres of the fabric, Liquiproof creates an invisible protective barrier against water and oil, rendering them unable to touch the fibres of the material and therefore fully and effectively protecting your clothing or footwear.

The invisible barrier effectively repels liquids, mud, dirt and prevents alcohol, oil & water stains. Residue easily washes off with just water. Safe and suitable for use on all types of absorbent fabric as well as suede, nubuck and sheepskin.


Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust and dirt. We recommend using on new items.

step 2

Spray evenly over the entire surface from a distance of approx. 10-15 cm until the surface is damp.

step 3

We recommend the coating is gently rubbed into the fibres to ensure it bonds deep into the fabric using a clean, soft brush.

step 4

Allow 10 minutes then repeat steps 2 & 3. Leave to air dry for 24 hours.

Once dry, gently use a soft brush to restore the soft nap.


  • Protects up to 14 pairs of shoes, 8 handbags or 2 jackets (depending on application).
  • Water and oil resistant - most household liquids and stains are repelled.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable and fluorine free water based formula.
  • Suitable for all types of fabric – synthetic and natural.
  • Invisible coating – no change to original appearance and is completely undetectable.
  • Super long lasting and durable - hand washable up to 25 times.
  • Maintains breathability.
  • Odourless – can be applied indoors.
  • Easy and simple one step application - spray on and leave to dry.
  • Non-aerosol.
  • UV resistant - reduces effect of fading.

please note

The application method is very important. Not following it properly may cause irregular protection or visible patches, so always follow the steps! DO NOT USE ON WATERPROOF, RESISTANT OR REPELLENT MATERIALS.

Not suitable for 100% polyamide (nylon), as these fabrics are already water and stain resistant. Do not apply Liquiproof to any materials already water resistant or waterproof. 

Due to the nature of this item, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE.