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Magic Wand Remote Control

Magic Wand Remote Control




Harry Potter may be a dab hand when it comes to fighting the forces of evil, but can he use his magical powers to banished Eastenders or a flip over from another re-run? He can’t – but that’s because he doesn’t have the Kymera Magic Wand.

The button-free remote control can learn up to 13 infrared codes. It will then replay those codes when the user makes one of 13 predefined gestures.

Each gesture can assign various functions to various moves: an elaborate swoosh to switch the TV off; a flick of the wrist to turn change the channel; or a spin to control volume – you decide!

You can use this wonderfully crafted gizmo to control your telly, Sky, digibox, stereo or any other infra-red device via almost any gesture you choose. The Wand comes beautifully packaged in a stunning gift box. Plus, as it’s universal and can learn up to 13 commands, you can use it to control more than one gadget at a time! All in all we think this is the Sorcerer of all remote controls.

Worried you’ll have trouble programming it? Don’t be. The Wand Remote Control is easy to set up and features a “heartbeat” which omits various pulses that confirm your gestures. You can see some examples below:


  • Rotate anticlockwise (typically used for “volume down” function).
  • Rotate clockwise (typically used for “volume up” function).
  • Flick upwards.
  • Flick downwards.
  • Flick left.
  • Flick right.
  • Tap on top.
  • Tap on side.
  • Big swish.
  • Push forward.
  • Pull back.
  • Double tap top.
  • Double tap side.

please note

  • Wand measures 35.5cm(L) x 2cm(D).
  • Requires 2x AAA batteries (included).