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Meripac Window Feeder

Meripac Window Feeder



The Meripac Classic Window Feeder has 3 sided open access which is easier and safer for birds. It holds water as well as food and has a green perching strip to help birds land and feed safely.

The feeding area is detachable for simpler fixing, cleaning and filling.

The safety system retains the feeder should the suckers ever fail and there is a large oval opening for clearest view of the birds.

There is a clear overhanging roof with green visibility strip for weather protection and view against predators.

The two green strips minimise the possibility of birds flying into the window.


  • Uniquely holds two types of birdseed as well as water.
  • Movable divider for differing quantities of each birdseed.
  • 3 suckers for extra, shock-absorbing security.
  • Two supporting struts under all the width of the seed tray base.
  • Safety system retains feeder if accidentally dropped while filling/cleaning.
  • Feeding area detachable for easier cleaning and filling.
  • 3-sided open access - easier and safer for birds.
  • Large oval opening for clearest view of birds.
  • Clear overhanging roof for better visibility and weather protection with distinctive green warning strip to minimise danger of birds flying into roof or window.
  • Full length distinctive green perching strip helps birds land and feed safely.