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T Shirt Graffiti Pens

T Shirt Graffiti Pens



Customize your clothing and be creative with these fabric T Shirt Graffiti Pens.

This set of 8 x bright and vibrant, high quality, permanent fabric marker pens will stand out on almost any fabric. To fix the colour air-cure for 24 hours or fix immediately by ironing. Once fixed, colours are permanent and can then be machine washed or dry cleaned.


  • Pack of 8 permanent marker pens.
  • Can be used to customise any fabric with whatever design can be drawn freehand.
  • Markers work best on 100% cotton fabrics, but they are appropriate to use on many things – trainers, bags, tablecloths or even bed linen.
  • Once finished, the design can be fixed by ironing or simply left to dry.
  • After the initial first few washes in cold water, the customized clothing can be cared for as usual.
  • Pens measure approx: 10 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm.
  • T Shirt not included.