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On the Rocks Glass & Ice Ball Mould

On the Rocks Glass & Ice Ball Mould



The satisfying swirl of ice cubes in a whisky glass has always been cool. More often than not it ends up with the whisky spilling out of the glass – not so cool! Luckily you can avoid all of this with this specially designed ‘On the Rocks’ Glass with Ice Ball mould.

Use the mould to create a perfectly spherical ball of ice and swirl away in the specially designed glass, safe in the knowledge that it won’t spill. Not only does it look sophisticated but it also enhances the flavours of the whisky – bringing out a whole new range of flavours.

A great gift for any whisky lover this season.Includes a silicone mould for the ice ball with a specially designed tumbler. Hand wash only.

On The Rocks


  • The bottom of each glass has a 'rock', which creates a natural liquid motion - increasing the nosing of aromas.
  • Fill the silicone ice ball mould to the fill line and put in the freezer to make a single solid ice ball that lasts.
  • The shape of the glass makes rolling easy without spilling.
  • Holds up to 8oz (236 ml) of your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor.
  • Ice mould: BPA-free & certified food grade silicone.