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Candy Grabber Machine

Candy Grabber Machine



The Candy Grabber works much like the amusement game of old, except it’s desktop size so that it’ll fit perfectly next to your PC!

Fill the Candy Grabber with sweets then when you’re ready to start playing simply pop one of the tokens in the slot. You’ve then got just one minute and fifteen seconds to manoeuvre the grabber into position using the three joysticks, grab your candy and release it down the shoot.

Whilst you’re trying to focus on the task in hand you’ll also be subjected to truly horrible and yet strangely nostalgic carnival music that plays while you desperately try to grab stuff, and gets faster and faster as your time runs out!

To play, insert a coin and try and pick up the items before the fairground music stops.

It sounds simple – but be warned, much like the machines run by those troublesome Gypsies at the travelling fair – it’s never as easy as it looks!


  • Fairground-style Candy Grabber.
  • A claw that you manoeuvre around to grab your sweet treats.
  • Three joystick style controls to move the grabber.
  • Fairground music that lasts for one minute and fifteen seconds.
  • A bag of fake coins.
  • Prong ‘grabber’.
  • A slot to fill the machine with goodies.
  • Requires 3 x D Batteries (not included).
  • Approximately: 32 x 21 x 16cm.
  • Sweets not included.