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Gummy Candy Maker

Gummy Candy Maker



Do you have a sweet tooth? Then the gummy candy maker is for you.

This Gummy Candy Maker is perfect for parties and kids, or even adults if your wishing to re-live the fascination of sweets in your childhood.

The Gummy Candy Maker lets you make gummy bears, snakes and fish, or if your sweet tooth is feeling extra sweet you can make a giant gummy bear with the giant bear mold included.

The process is easy all you have to do is follow three simple steps; fill the base with ice; add jelly mix to the heating pot; then pour into the moulds...when set the freshest sweets will be ready to release from the flexible silicone moulds. The makers heating pot has a spout for easy pouring and every outer section has a stress free lift away motion making it very simple for cleaning.


  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean.
  • Two Pots for Various Flavors.
  • Easy and Safe Heating.
  • Suitable for Kids and Adults alike.
  • Choice of Healthy Recipes.
  • Handwash recommended.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe with soft damp cloth.
  • Box contains: 1 x SMART Gummy Candy Maker, 2 x Pots for Various Flavours, 1 x Fish, 1 x Worm and Bear Moulds, 1 x Giant Bear Mould, 1 x Manual/Recipe Book.