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Pin Art - Pinpressions

Pin Art - Pinpressions



Another blast from the 80’s past. Pin Art Pinpressions ensures anything pressed into the mass of pins creates a 3D sculpture with all the subtleties of the shape faithfully captured.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a unique 3D impression of your face, hand or, well – anything. The world-famous PinPressions system from PinArt is the hum-dinger of a gizmo that makes it all possible. Simply lift the device to your face or any other object – close your eyes and press gently. Then slowly remove and avoid tilting, to reveal a perfect 3D impression in glorious shiny metal.

The individually controllable pins render a perfect, 3 dimensional profile of the original image. The impression remains intact as long as the device is not disturbed. Stylish in silver and black, until you decide to flip the pins back over and start on something new.