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Hypotrochoid Art Set

Hypotrochoid Art Set



The Hypotrochoid Art Set makes maths cool. Hypotrochoids or Epitrochoids are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle, rolling around the inside of a larger circle. Now that’s the technical bit over, let’s have some fun! Create graphic spiral art with this fantastic art set! Simply place your pen in one of the gear wheels and create amazing pieces of intricate art.

Try different colours and sizes of Hypotrochoids for amazing effects, whether you are creating greeting cards, birthday gifts or just cool art for your room! Decorate your school book covers, wrapping papers and more with this amazing art set.

Ideal as stocking fillers and art gifts, this set has everything you need to get creative with Hypotrochoids!

This 11 piece set includes 2 x hypotrochoid templates, 6 x different gears and 3 x different coloured pens – all included in a neat presentation tin. If you’ve been looking for maths gifts that are both fun and educational you’re on to a winner with this set. Let’s make learning fun again!