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Salt & Pepper Bots

Salt & Pepper Bots



Robots may not rule the earth (…yet) but they’ve already started their domination of the kitchen table.

Let’s face it, passing the salt and pepper has never been top of the list of anyone’s exciting activities. The only time we ever get a little excited is when we’re in an Italian Restaurant and the waiter comes over and grinds black pepper on our pizza with an over-size Pepper Shaker. Other than that it’s pretty standard stuff.

Well not anymore thanks to these pesky little Salt & Pepper Bots!

Modeled on the classic 50’s robot, you can fill each one of these little chap with your required spice. Then when someone requests the salt or pepper simply wind them up, set them off marvel as they travel across the table.

These shakers are guaranteed to be the perfect gift for any sci-fi nut!


  • Each robot is approximately 4.5cm (W) x 9.2cm (H) x 2.9cm (D).
  • Made from Food Grade Plastic.
  • Box contains: 1 x Salt Robot Shaker and 1 x Pepper Robot Shaker.