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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener



Heavy duty and stamped with ‘OPEN BOTTLE HERE‘ this is a superb gift for any beer drinker.

There's no need for drinking anecdotes or an off-kilter description of this particular product 😉

In a totally straight laced and non-quirky way, the Starr Bottle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener removes the bottle top from a bottle of beer. As we’re sure you can guess, simply insert a bottle into the opener at an angle, perform a swift downward motion of the wrist, and this will lift the top clean off the bottle.

There you go – we just explained how a wall mounted bottle opener works…so go buy one, screw it to a wall in your house (with the included screws), then open beers with it. Marvelous.


  • Dimensions approx 80 x 70mm.
  • Made from hearty, zinc-plated iron.
  • Two screws are provided for easy wall mounting.